Maintaining his acquired respect Viren Sharma AKA the “DogMan of India” is Revolutionizing Pet Industry with Unique Concepts

Jaipur-based dog behaviorist Viren Sharma centers around the well-being of pets since a long time aiming to improve the lifespan of pets who visit this world for a very short span imparting a glaring effect on the lives of Human beings who love them.

He being an active dog behaviorist with over 20 years of canine experience. Leading pet nutritionist, successfully running P.A.W.S (pet animal welfare society) for the social upliftment of strays and underprivileged animals. Himself studying their behavior pattern, he tries and takes initiatives towards their well-being in the society. Organizes marathons and annual rallies on issues of canine and mass concern for the improvement of pets and to increase awareness among the other parts of society still not very much concerned about the beautiful creation.

Started in 2001, Viren owns more than 3 pet boutique stores and pet hotel in the pink city. With his unique marketing strategies, the dog-owning families in Rajasthan have increased from 300 to over 1 lakh makes pampering your furry loved one convenient, affordable & easy!

“The dog Man of India” is Revolutionizing Pet Industry with his Unique Concept and Launched India’s first online portal www.dogbazar.org as the highest rated and consistently visited e-commerce website in India. His esteemed client base extends from the President of India to Bollywood’s renowned superstar Salman Khan and many more. Viren has made headlines in Canine Industry being covered by all the leading national and International media like Wall Street Journal, Gulf News, New York Herald, CNN IBN, Midday, Indian Express, Times of India, Asian Edge etc.

Currently associated as a secretary for Kennel Club of India (KCI) ‘ Rajasthan, Sharma is also the breed certifying specialist for KCI. Further, a first-of-its-kind canine behavioral institute will also be incorporated by October this year in Jaipur by Sharma, with the support of faculty from abroad and skilled people who know the art of dealing with dogs.

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