How do I know if I enjoy being a Franchisee of MAD?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself. We are not here to “sell” you a franchise. Through our qualification process and brainstorming discussions, we will help you determine if owning your own franchise is the right thing for you and your family. However we definitely say it is important to be a dog lover to run this show.

Do I need prior experience?

Not at all except the desire to be successful and little love & affection towards the pets.

What is the cost of opening Mad About Dogs Franchisee?

Investment – 23-87 Lacs

Area – 400 -1000 sq. ft.

Am I expected to be involved?

It depends on the choice of model that you choose. Franchise Owned Franchise Operated, or Franchise Owned Company Operated.

What is my next step?

10 Paw- steps to Own Mad About Dogs

  • Submit an expression of interest
  • Complete an application
  • Let’s talk and understand each other
  • Discover MAD-NESS
  • Face to Face Interaction
  • Sign the Franchise Agreement
  • Business Planning & Site Selection
  • Orientation Training
  • Pre- Launch Setup
  • Get Ready for MAD-NESS

What our Franchisees have to say?

Man’s relationship with animals is very old. The friendship between man and animals is more reliable and lasting. Man’s friendship with man may not last long, but it is of permanent nature with the domesticated and pet animals. And in today’s time people love investing on pets so this is booming business in Indian market.

Mad About Dogs is an affordable investment to make, to protect and mold their lives into a better living. They do deserve an equal amount of love and care as a human does so let us proceed to keep this notion in mind.