Pets are what the world has been eagerly waiting for. Keeping this in mind Mad About Dogs comes up with the best notion ever a “pet-café” for the curled-up kitties and jumpy pooches. Our goal is to find a pet as enjoyable as owning one and to have a formal introduction with them as goes for human. This place named “crazy furs” provides pets an opportunity to visit all and fool around. A walk-in for handsome companions with belts gives an overall experience of an Interior that will almost immediately put the fur-balls at ease, makes it ‘the’ go-to-spot for a date with your pet.

Decorated with beautiful pieces of work mainly consisting handsome doggoes and meaows images hanging on walls increasing the charm of the place to an imaginary place for all furry partners to live their lives.

Delicacies to be served to humans as well who takes out their time for their furry partners giving them an equal opportunity to mix up with all their other friends. This place consists of different dog sitting platforms where through their gestures they can communicate.

This is the perfect place for your dog to meet other like-minded canines, for you to have a picnic with your family & enjoy scrumptious food. Perfect, ain’t it? The perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon with your pet after biking around the city.

You can pamper your pooch here with fun activities and yummy treats. And enjoy a treat or two yourself!

The cozy ambiance of this place is perfect for you to enjoy some quiet time with your pet. And oh, the cupcakes and pastries are too good to give a miss!

Because your pets deserve some pampering for all the love they’ve given you!